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What is the Canberra Relief Network?

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What is Canberra Relief Network?

The CRN is a consortium of established emergency food relief and community services organisations in Canberra.  They are working collaboratively to streamline the sourcing and distribution of essential food and hygiene items to the most vulnerable members throughout our community. 

Our mission is food security.  We aim to ensure access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets the dietary needs of individuals and families who experienced food insecurity before the public health emergency as well as those who have been directly impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic


CRN exists for the Territory’s most vulnerable members, those doubly impacted by this unprecedented health and economic crisis.  Additionally, we are here to support others affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, even those who have never previously needed help.  These include casual workers who have been stood down, some international students and those isolated due to COVID-19 infection, carers of individuals with COVID-19, disability, health challenges or chronic illnesses. 

We estimate that our hampers should last for about one week, at which point, the householder may ring us back to schedule a subsequent Network Partner centre visit.

What we provide

A typical hamper includes items such as rice, pasta and noodles, breakfast cereal, oats, spreads, pasta sauce, canned fruit and vegetables, and toilet paper.  Everything in a hamper is non-perishable and does not require refrigeration.  A complete hamper weighs approximately 17 kgs.  For larger households, we can provide an additional hamper. If you need nappies or female hygiene items, please mention this to the contact centre operator.

Each CRN partner location is different; however, some also receive and distribute fresh and prepared food items to householders when these are available.

How does CRN Work?

Canberra Relief Network ensures that a hamper of essential grocery and hygiene items is delivered to a Network Partner near you.

A Connect Centre

The Connect Centre is responsible for receiving calls and fulfilling requests for food and other relief. It is the key contact point for individuals and families who are not registered with any community food relief pantry. We will connect individuals and families to community services nearest to them and make sure they have enough for their immediate needs.

The Connect Centre will also support individuals who wish to donate or volunteer to CRN’s relief efforts by referring them to the appropriate channels.

Our agents are trained, experienced and professional Community Services employees, that are ready to provide additional emotional support and connection with you, during these difficult times. They can also help connect you to other support services in the community, for other concerns that you may have.

Food Operations Centre (FOC)

Canberra Relief Network’s Food Operations Centre receives, stores, manages and distributes food and other non-perishable essentials to community services and pantries across the ACT.

Canberra Relief Partners

The Canberra Relief Network is sponsored by the ACT Government and administered by local community organisations.

Our Partners

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